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The Man from Snowy River: Jessica's Theme

To borrow some thoughts from Jesse Ballantyne...
Come taste the adventure of the journey...
of sunlight on silver, of the Lord knowing your name, of a good wife...
of horses.

by Jack and Jan Young, Winnemucca, Nevada

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Ray Hunt's "Tom Dorrance Benefit Clinic," Ft. Worth, TX, 2/23/01
Report & Photos

Ray Hunt Memories

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Help for horse and rider

Mailbox Musings: "Collecting" My Thoughts
The Magic Partnership
Observe, Remember, and Compare: The Inductive Study Method
Visiting About Horses
Basic Horsemanship: Especially for Kids!
Rosie: In Memory

"The True Way"
The Round Corral ~ The Rope and Flag ~ Hooking On ~ Learning to Learn
Yielding the Whole Body ~ Blanket, Saddle, and Rider ~ In the Saddle ~ Use of Aids
Some Elements of Horsemanship ~ Distractions ~ The Quick Fix ~ Natural Horsemanship?
The Soft Feel ~ Spade Bit ~ Out of the Arena ~ Who's Calling the Shots? ~ Straightness NEW!

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Jan Young - Author
Jan's middle grade novels,
The Orange Slipknot and Starting the Colt,
are set in the ranching country of Nevada.
Twelve-year-old Ben wants to be considered a man,
but is caught between his hot-tempered dad and the grouchy old cow boss.

A great gift for the readers in your life--young or old!
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