Listen to Jan Young on piano while browsing the photos:
The Man from Snowy River: Jessica's Theme

Caribou - 1971, Los Banos, CA

Sudden Sam - 1972, Snaffle Bit Futurity, Santa Rosa, CA

Sudden Sam - 1973, Clovis, CA

Chuckar - 1973, Snaffle Bit Futurity, Santa Rosa, CA

Brodie - 96 Ranch, Paradise Valley, NV, 1981

(96 photos by Annabet Muceus)

Cold Springs - 96 cow camp

Trailing horses - 96

Going up China Grade - 96

Helping Jeff Hansen start a colt at the Hadley, Carlin, NV

Portrait by Robert Bucknell, mid-late 1980's (Sawtooth Peak, Orovada, NV in background)
Can be seen at Lone Tree Gallery, Minden, NV

Flat Creek Ranch, Orovada, NV, mid/late 1990's

Snort - Orovada

Muffin - Orovada

Jack, Muffin, Mike


UC Ranch branding, Orovada, NV, 2000?

Jack on Riata

Autumn, Jack, Jim

Jack and Jim

Jack, Jim and Hank

Jack and Larson

Helping Autumn get to the fire

Riata - Clinic, Newberg, OR

Clinic, Trout Creek, MT
Demonstrating on filly with injured mouth that was started in hackamore

Working a colt on Jan's Rosie

Pepsy - First touch (since weaning)

Tucker - Clinic, Golden, CO

Duster - Clinic, Eureka, NV


Helping a troubled mare turn loose - Clinic, Truckee, CA


Red - 2012


Introducing Janie to the sound of a rawhide hondo

Jack and Annie (photo by Jennifer Dennison)

Jack/Annie and Jan/Quatro (photo by Jennifer Dennison)