Platteville, CO Clinic
Aug. 2-3, 2003

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Marilyn (m), Jack (Cinch), Deb
The first day we handled the rope on the ground and learned different shots.
Marilyn's rig in the background.

Mike (MT) trying to avoid the camera!
Mike is the original MT on the TTLT board.
He is not Mares Tales (mt).
He is a rancher from Nebraska.

Mike and Celeste (CJ & MT)

Marilyn (m) and Melissa (EZ)

m and EZ trying to cool off.

Jerry (Jack's brother) and Melissa (EZ)

Deb and Warrick

The second day we worked on horseback.
Deb learning to pop her dallies.

Deb's colt is learning to feel weight on the rope.

Deb faces the "cow" and lets her dallies slide a little
as she backs her colt a few steps.

Marilyn and her 3 year old filly, Glory.
The mecate was made by Sara Hagel (buckaria). Marilyn saved the hair from her gelding, Pete,
when she had to put him down.
Sorry about the hat, m!

Marilyn's filly keeps the "cow" on her right
with the rope taut.

Marilyn works at coiling her rope neatly.

Marilyn's filly learns to feel weight on the rope.