Natural Horsemanship/Good Horsemanship

Need a lesson? Can't get to a clinic? Even after a lesson or clinic, it's hard to remember all the information covered. And sometimes, just the pressure of riding in front of someone makes it hard to absorb everything that is being presented.

Send me a 20 minute video of you and your horse


Upload your video to Youtube, then send me the link

I will watch it and study it. Then we can discuss it over the phone. You will be able to watch yourself riding while I make suggestions you can experiment with. I'll point out things I see that are positive as well as things you might want to change.

For best taping and viewing results, try to stay as close to the camera as possible and have the camera operator zoom in on you when you get farther away. Don't let the close-ups cut off the horse's feet though. Try to vary the camera angle--from both sides, the front, the rear. If your camera will pick them up, make comments while you are riding, about what you are trying to do, and what your horse is doing.

Price: For $25, I will review and critique your video. If you need more information before making and sending a video, call or email.

Jan Young
3135 Ether Way
Winnemucca, NV 89445

Email: jnjyoung "at" hotmail "dot" com